Hi, my name is Sara and I’m the founder, creator, and designer behind Momma’s J.A.M. Pack Crochet Word Charts.
I started this adventure in 2013 when my son asked me to make him a Hulk blanket. I had no idea where to start! I did my research and found my first graph. Let’s just say the graph completely tested my patience and I was determined to find another way of making his blanket. I did more research and from there explored transforming graphagans with written instructions.

My hulk blanket came to life.

This adventure lead me to explore more avenues in crochet art. My discovery for crochet art came alive in 2017 when I commissioned my very first Rainbow Art Piece, “The Rainbow Dolphin.” One of my customers, Anna L, agreed to crochet it for me. She brought the piece alive.

Since then, I have brought several Rainbow pieces into my collection. It led me to create the Art Gallery where not only did I display my Rainbow Art Collection, I was able to add other pieces that I designed over the past 9 years.

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