What’s new in the Store Front?

I officially have 3 categories in my Store Front

1. Crochet (row by row) Patterns:
These are my original Crochet Word Chart designs.

What is included with this purchase?
You will receive row by row written instructions for single crochet, with special instructions for Tunisian Simple Stitch.
You will also receive a visual aid to compare. If you would like to upgrade to a cross–stitch visual, you can for $2 per purchase.
Please email the address on the main page for more information, after your purchase is complete.

Be sure to see my YouTube suggested videos on the HOME page =) They are very helpful for beginners in this category.

2. Crochet (Corner 2 Corner) Patterns:
These are Corner2Corner designs. That means they are worked on a diagonal increase until the full size has been reached and then decreased. My goal is to get a tutorial video added to the suggestive list.

What is included with this purchase?
You will receive a color block written instruction print out along with a visual aid to follow along.

3. Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Patterns:
These are patterns designed for dual crafts: diamond painting and cross-stitching.

What is included with this purchase?
You will receive 3 digital files. There are no physical shipments.
An image that can be printed on Canvas through a distribution seller for Diamond Painting.
A Map Key (multi-page printout) that can be used as a visual along side a blank canvas or seamed together with sticky tape for direct application. This can be used for cross-stitching.
Written instructions to be used with your own blank canvas and gems. Also can be used for cross-stitching using the parking method.

I hope to add Youtube Videos in the future. This is a new line for me to be adding to my website! I have never done DP/CS patterns like these. These are not crochet worthly unless you are brave enough to crochet it in DMC Cross-Stitch Thread!

Stay tuned…